1. Change oil
  2. Install new oil filter
  3. Inspect air filter/cabin air filter
  4. Inspect brake fluid levels
  5. Inspect and fill windshield washer fluids
  6. Inspect and fill power steering fluids
  7. Inspect transmission/transaxle fluid
  8. Inspect transfer case
  9. Inspect and lube chassis
  10. Inspect and fill radiator coolant level
  11. Inspect exterior lighting
  12. Inspect wiper blades
  13. Inspect tire tread wear and tire pressure
  14. Inspect belts and hoses
  15. Inspect battery and terminals
  16. Clean all exterior windows
  17. Vacuum front interior floors
  18. Inspect differentials

The 18-POINT CHECK will be performed by our Pro Lube Technicians which guarantees quality service and the assurance that every vehicle is inspected by the strictest performance guidelines.

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